An Introduction…

Much of my adult life has been focused on the study of Tibetan religion and history, and most of my posts will reflect that orientation.  I’m an academic, an assistant professor in the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion at Oregon State University.  My research focusses on the history of vegetarianism in Tibet, and my book on this topic came out in Novemeber 2017 (Food of Sinful Demons: Meat, Vegetarianism and the Limits of Buddhism in Tibet).  So don’t be surprised to see lots of posts on vegetarianism. And I like tattoos, so that too. I also collect antiquarian books about Tibet, and that interest will also appear here from time to time.

I become a scholar out of curiosity, and this blog is my attempt to explore some of those tangents which I find interesting, but which I’m not going to take the time to research in depth. In all cases, comments are welcome. Part of the fun of writing like this is sparking conversations, so please feel free to let me know what you think, correct my mistakes, or just say hi.


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