Speaking Opportunities

My research touches on several contemporary topics, and I’m happy to speak about my work in a variety of settings. I can give talks at universities, of course, but am also happy to speak with dharma communities or in other public forums, either in person or over Skype.

Buddhist Vegetarianism & Animal Ethics

Most of my research over the last years has been on vegetarianism and animal ethics. I’m happy to talk about these issues, approaching them from either a historical or philosophical perspective.

I’m an academic, but I’m also a Buddhist and a vegetarian. As such, I’m particularly interested in connecting with dharma communities that are questioning meat eating and animal activist groups that would like to approach their advocacy with new perspectives and tools. These connections can be in the form of talks, or simple conversations. If travel is an issue, I’m happy to communicate over Skype.

Guru Devotion

While I am still very interested in and engaged with the question of vegetarianism, my research is now focussing on the practice of guru devotion. This has obviously been a very controversial topic in the last few years, and my research on it is still quite preliminary. That said, I’m happy to discuss this practice, depending on context.

Interesting in having me talk with your group?