At Oregon State I teach several different courses on Buddhism. In particular, I’ve created a series of classes that begins in the fall with REL 208: Intro to Buddhism, continues in the winter with REL 430: Buddhist Philosophy, and then continues in the spring with REL 431: Buddhism and Social Justice. I also regularly teach REL 160: World Religions, as well as REL 371: Chinese Philosophy. Finally, I’m in the process of creating some new classes, with one focussed particularly on Tibetan Buddhism and another on religion and animals.

Buddhist Studies at Oregon State

In addition to my courses, Oregon State offers a variety of other options for those interested in Buddhist Studies. Of particular interest is the new Contemplative Studies program and its associated minor. Contemplative Studies offers a wide range of courses and programs from perspectives such as psychology and education as well as religious studies.

I’ve also established a study abroad program at the Rangjung Yeshé Institute in Kathmandu, Nepal. Students on this program spend four months studying at Rangjung Yeshé, studying Buddhist Philosophy, Anthropology, and either Nepali or Tibetan language. We have now successfully sent two cohorts of students to Rangjung Yeshé, and look forward to building this program further in the years to come!

If you’re an Oregon State student interested in Buddhism or Buddhist Studies, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss our offerings. If you’re a prospective student, feel free to reach out as well: I’ll be happy to talk with you in person or over the phone to help you decide if OSU is a good fit for you.