I have always liked Triscuits, but only recently have I discovered the most amazing thing about them.  They have only three ingredients.  That’s right, just three: flour, oil and salt.

This would not be surprising if they were made by a health-food company, but for a snack manufactured by an industry giant like Nabisco, three ingredients is pretty cool.

Most other snack foods have far more ingredients, many of which cannot be pronounced.  But Triscuits, only three.  I mean really, how many times have you looked at an ingredient list and not seen ‘natural flavors’ in there somewhere?  And they don’t even advertise this fact!  If I were Nabisco, I would be trumpeting the simplicity and old-fashioned wholesomeness of my product far and wide.  But then they might have to do something about the flavored Triscuits.  For while regular Triscuits have only three ingredients, ‘Rosemary-Olive’ Triscuits have many more (none of which are either rosemary or olives).  That minor difficulty aside, however, I still find it thrilling to find a mass-produced, non-healthfood snack with only three ingredients.  What will they think of next?

4 Replies to “Triscuits!”

  1. Fritos are similar in that respect. I think they’re made of corn, salt, and oil or something. I was similarly amazed and delighted when I found that out. Enjoy your Triscuits!

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