New Address, New Look

My little corner of the web now has a new, more permanent home: This blog has been up for almost two months now, and it seemed high time to clean things up a little. It also turns out that Random Ruminations, my old blog title, was already being used by several other people. A google search for The Lost Yak, on the other hand, comes up empty, allowing me to claim squatter’s rights. While the old address ( will redirect to the new site, you may want to change any bookmarks you have. If you have already subscribed to e-mail updates, I don’t think you have to do anything.

Along with the new address, I decided it was time for a little spring cleaning, and have re-done the blog’s appearance. Same basic color scheme and layout as before, but a little more refined. For those who are interested, I took the picture in the fall of 2005, near Thamé Gompa in the Khumbu region of Nepal.

And lest you think that I’ve only been worrying about these trivial details, there is more content in the pipeline as well. I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a post about Tibetan visionary practices and Batman. Yes, Batman does Thögal. You can expect the full post sometime next week.

One Reply to “New Address, New Look”

  1. I enjoy reading your blogs but I don’t like the new name, “The Lost Yak”. The thought of both a person and an animal being lost is not a nice thought. It is very distressing for them, and can be disastrous. I would have liked something like “The Gentle Yak”, “The Curious Yak”, “The Scholarly Yak”, etc much better.

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